Thanksgiving - In Islam - Alhamdu Lill laah

Thanksgiving in Islaam - Alhamdu Lill Laah

Qur'aan Al Hakeem

The word for thanksgiving in Arabic is "Shukr."
The Qur’anic word for thanks is shukr. It is mentioned in the Qur’an many times
Ash-Shukru li-llâah, thanks be to God!

Allaah Kareem says,

In this Beautiful verse, of the Quraan Al Hakeem

"If you are thankful, surely I will increase more (favors) for you."
Alhamdu Lill Laah

In Islam we ‘Thanks’ [Al  Mighty Allaah] five times a day in our Prayers daily.

A Momin [Believer] know and believe that all goodness in Life and everything in the universe is controlled by Allaah Kareem. And it is only Allaah  Almighty who can be attributed with thanks, glorification and praises.

Islam literally means "submission"-- submission to the Will of God [Almighty Allaah]. The Muslim satisfy the obligation of thanksgiving by being grateful to God [Allaah] for any benefit.

On a higher Spiritual level  the believer submit to Allaah's Will on a deeper, more subtle level-- to the point of being thankful to God [Almighty Allaah]whether a desired benefit is granted or is withheld and denied.

A Muslim every second of his life revolves around thanking Allaah by executing his commands and abstaining from his prohibitions. In Islaam, thanksgiving revolves around his whole life, which should be lived in obedience to His Ultimate Benefactor, Allaah Kareem.


"Therefore remember Me, I will remember you, And be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me." 


Beautiful Quote worth Quoting for the Seekers of Truth…

Sabr and Shukr are the only two states a Muslim can ever be in. During misfortune he should be in the state of Sabr. As Allaah Taa’laa says in the Qur’an:

“Wondrous are the believer’s affairs, for there is good in all his affairs and that is so only for the Mu’min. When something pleasing happens to him, he is grateful to Allaah and that is good for him, and when something displeasing happens to him, he perseveres patiently and that is good for him.”

Regarding the perseverance and fortitude……, Allaah Kareem says:

"They lost not courage because of the hardships which confronted them in the Path of Allaah. They were not weakened nor were they awed by the enemy. 

Allaah Ta'ala loves such Saabireen (those who are steadfast and have patience)." (Soorah Aa’le Imraan)
Men of Allaah are steadfast in the face of the enemy. Hardships and obstacles confronting them in their journey towards Allaah Ta'ala do not deter them. Their fortitude and steadfastness -- their Sabr -- are such that they do not descend to flattering the enemies of Allaah Ta'ala. Their gaze is focused on Allaah Ta'ala and they know that victory is theirs.

Shukr Alhamdu Lill Laah

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