The Arabian Poet Hazrat Hasaan Bin Thabit & His Praises of the Prophet [Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam]


The Arabian Poet Hazrat Hasaan Bin Thabit & His Praises of the Holy Prophet

[Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam]

Prophet Muhammad,

 Hazrat Hassaan ibn Thabit (Arabic: حسان بن ثابت‎)  [Radiyal Laah Anhu] was an Arabian poet and one of the admirable Companion…. Sahabah’s, of Holy Prophet Muhammad, hence he was best known for his poems in Praises of the Holy Prophet Muhammad

[Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam].

He was born in Madinah, and he accepted Islam at about the age of 60. Ḥassāan, who is said to have lived to be more than 110 years old, became Islam’s earliest poetic defender.

He was also Islam's first religious poet, using many phrases from the Qur'an in his verses. The work of Hassaan Ibn Thabit was instrumental in spreading the message of Holy Prophet Muhammad [Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam], as poetry was an important part of Arab culture. The work and words of Hassan Ibn Thabit are still regarded as the most beautiful in praises of the Holy Prophet.

[Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam]. 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad was so happy with Hazrat Hassaan Ibn Thabit that he ordered to establish and construct for him a minbar-pulpit for him to stand upon when he delivered his poetry. The Holy Prophet Muhammad prayed for him saying that the Arch Angel Gabriel [Jibraeel] will support you as long as you preach the message of Almighty Allaah and defend His Prophet.

 [Sallal Laahu Alaieh Wa Sallam]

Hazrat حسان بن ثابت [Radiyal Laah Anhu]

recites his Meelaad and Praises Him and…. said:

وأحسن منك لم تر قط عيني

I haven’t seen the lovely personality like you

وأجمل منك لم تلد النساء

And no mother has given birth to such a wonderful personality

خُلِقْتَ مبرءاً من كل عيب

You are created free from every fault

كأنك قد خُلِقْتَ كما تشاء

You were created, as you wanted to be


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