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Ever since I was very little creativity, has been part of my existence, passionate existence. The other was reading, and writing. I would be daydreaming travelling in my thoughts to far, away places. 

Clouds as my vehicle and my pillow! I would be transported into my magical utopian world of imagination. The drudgery of homework and daily monotonous affairs of the days was put aside to escape through the secret door of my dreams.

These fascinating journeys of imagination derived its inspirations from the classic’s story book of my childhood who can forget those classical Hans Christian Andersen classics fairy tales of long-gone days. They kept me mesmerized with their wonderful colorful illustration, interesting tales, beautiful princess charming dashing heroes and perfect …. ending quote and

“They lived happily ever after.”

Making us want to believe that one day after a hard time living. The Cinderella's, Snow Whites’, Sleeping Beauty's, Rapunzel's, of real-life would be rescued from getting lost in the wicked world.

The end pages of our situation in dilemma could bring chivalrous knight, the wise king, the handsome Prince charming riding the perfect horse in shining armor to rescue us from the danger, for that happily ever after effect.

Other all-time favorites stories were from the book “One Thousand and One Nights", sometimes known as The Arabian Nights…. The unforgettable Aladdin and his lamp and that smiling Genie….and many more.

We all go through our childhood enveloped in the world of love and protection of fairy tales, and make-belief world... Only to grow up and realize that in real life is a lot different!!!  

Prince’s charming has lost their charm, hair, and gallant ness in their youth due to pressure, stress, and competition in today’s world. Princesses of nowadays need Botox treatment to keep up with Barbie look.

Wolves are not seen in the forest anymore they are living a lifestyle in real-world garbed as human beings living among us, driving, and wearing designer clothes and car. The queens and stepmothers are not the only one who are cruel mean wicked ....and tyrant in nature.

Sometimes make us wish that we had never grown up…. the magical days of our childhood would stay with us forever.


Islamic Art

Some Historical Facts About Me!  

Excerpts from my book 'Home is where your Desi Dil is'

My great, great grandfather from father side travelled from the Arab world through the Khyber Pass in caravans...millions of moons ago.

History tells us how Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his men, how Muhammad Bin Qasim crossed the Arabian Sea. 

Hazrat Gareeb Nawaz [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] the famous Sufi Saint of India travelled on foot from India to Madinah to make his famous spiritual journey.

Sultan Muhammad Fateh of Turkey crossed with his armada the strip of land to reach the Famous Bosporus and conquered Constantinople [Istanbul]

Tariq bin Ziyad sailed across the Strait from Ceuta landing at the southern point of the Rock Gibraltar the famous rock on the Spanish mainland which still bears his name Jabal-at-Tariq in Morocco.

Ibne Battuta a Moroccan scholar, traveler who is known for the account of his travels and excursions whose journeys lasted for a period of nearly thirty years. These and many other migrations and journeys are recorded in the diary of history pages.

Uch Sharif

My father side of the family known as ‘The Saadat’ migrated from the Arab world travelled in caravans through the mountainous route of Afghanistan, hundreds of years ago and settled in “Uch Sharif” located 75 km from Bahawalpur in Punjab province, of Pakistan.

After briefly staying in Sind, they later settled down in Uttar Pradesh state of India, Muradabad in a place called ‘Saadat Colony’ for ‘Saiyyids’ After the 1947 war of independence my ancestors migrated to Karachi. My mother side ancestors migrated from Afghanistan/Iran area to settle in Datia Jhansi near in India. During 1947 war of independence my great, grandparents migrated to Karachi Pakistan where my parents got married and settled here.

Lahore, Punjab

I was born in Karachi and after spending my early childhood in exotic Ceylon [Sri Lanka], beautiful hilly Chittagong and the great historical Lahore Punjab. I migrated to the United States to settle in Crown Point, a small town in Indiana minus the add the favorite quote to my life chapter...and they lived happily ever after.

The told and untold unexpressed dilemmas we have all faced and continue facing the challenges we have to live immigrant is what this sharing all about.


Crown Point, Indiana

The distance covered by these migrant ancestors were no doubt great...and no comparisons as the travelling those days was strenuous, tiring, and challenging.

But migrant like me and many others who, crossed seven oceans, couple of continents, in a different civilization religiously, culturally and literally alone to settle deserve, at least an acknowledging nod if not a notable place in history, along with other historians.... excerpt from my book.

Home is where your ‘Desi Dil’ is...

Presently living in Virginia …musing the moods of life as life goes on...

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