The Meaning of Haj- Islam-Important Pillar of Islam-



The literal meaning of "Hajj" is to intend or plan for and according to Shar'ee terminology it means to stop at 'Arafaat [the vast expense near Makkah where major Hajj rite is performed on 9th Zill Hajj after wearing "Ihraam"[unstitched clothes] and to perform circumambulation of "Ka'bah" [the House of Allaah].

Significances and excellence's, of the Hajj:

Hajj the Holy Pilgrimage is the best means to strengthen religious communication and coordination among the Muslims’ of the whole world hailing from different countries with their separate nationality, race, language and color and to collect them on a single platform thereby making them rally round the banner of "Kalimah Tauheed" 
[the Code of Oneness of [Allaah Subhanhu Wa Ta'alaa] which is the pivot of Islaam.
The simple unstitched white clothing which Prophet Aadam [Alaiehis-Salaam] wore is proposed for Haajis so that the Muslims who all believe in One Allaah, one Messenger, one Book and one Ka'bah look alike sans any social ranking and status thereby to demonstrate outward religious harmony and cohesion too.
It project the glory and truthfulness of Islaam besides earning believers the benefits and gains of the air, land and sea travels.

Most of Hajj's sites are either prominent symbols of Allaah Almighty or have attachments with the Messengers and Prophets which refresh the memory of the sacred traditions and remind of the events of Divine blessings and mercy attached with these signs.

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