Hajj- A Spiritual Lifetimes Journey-The Importance of Hajj



The importance and significance of Hajj [the holy pilgrimage] can be gauged from the facts that:
It is the fifth pillar of Islaam.
It erases the past sins of the pilgrim.
It is a "Jihaad" [holy crusade, supreme effort] of the weak and women.

It removes poverty as the blacksmith's furnace separates dross from iron.
The reward of Hajj [accepted by Allaah Almighty] is nothing but paradise.

Allaah Almighty forgives "Haji" [the pilgrim] and those too for whom he prays.
Haji will intercede for four hundred of his family members on the Day of Judgement.
"Haajis" [the pilgrims] are delegates, guests of Allaah Kareem. Allaah summoned them and they presented themselves to His service. They supplicated Him and He granted them.

There is peace for Haaji in this world and absolution in the hereafter.
The one who leaves his home for Hajj and dies in the way will keep gaining the reward of every year's Hajj till the Doomsday. He will not be made to account for his doings on the Judgment Day and will be entered into heavens without reckoning.
Haaji [whether he performs Hajj or 'Umrah [lesser Hajj]) is in the security of Allaah. If he dies in the process, he will be entered into paradise and if returns home after completion of Hajj or 'Umrah as the case may be then he will carry with him forgiveness and divine favors’.

In short, the Divine Law which the Holy Prophet [Sallal Laahu 'Alaiehi Wa Sallam] 
brought with him is so comprehensive and practical that it covers all temporal and spiritual affairs. Its each and every word abounds with wisdom and reasons which is evident from the fact that the worldly and spiritual benefits and objectives of Islamic commands and worships are before the whole world and will continue coming to the fore until the Doomsday.

Briefly, the Haaji embarks on a new phase of his life which carries temporal as well as spiritual gains and successes. So Hajj is not only a pillar of Islamic faith but it also influences every aspect and sector of moral, social, economic, political and national life of the Muslims besides being a towering symbol of the position they enjoy in the community of nations.

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