Trails and Afflictions-Excerpt Purification of the Mind-Jillaa Al Khaatir-Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani

Trails and Afflictions-Excerpt Purification of the Mind-Jillaa Al Khaatir-Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani
[Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]   
Abdul Qaadir jilaani

The people of Allaah Kareem accustom themselves to afflictions and do not get annoyed like you. One of them used to be afflicted everyday with a tribulation so that on the day when no affliction came his way he used to say:

 “O  Almighty Allaah, what sins have I done today that You have not sent to me my daily affliction?” 

Abdul Qadir, Gilani,

Afflictions are of various kinds; some target the body, while others target the heart. Some of them are suffered in relation to the creatures, whereas others in relation to the Creator. There is no good in someone who has not been subjected to suffering. Afflictions are the hooks of the True One

 [Mighty and Glorified is He]

A few individuals have on them remnants of sins of which they are cleaned by the tribulations and afflictions, so they earn degrees in the hereafter that they would not earn without them. You have to be satisfied with the Divine Decree, observe the Law, and perform good works under all circumstances: in hardship and prosperity, when it is something you love and when it is something you hate. 

The Prophet (Allaah’s prayer and peace be on him) is reported to have said:

 “If a person is not satisfied with the Decree of Allaah [Almighty], there is no medicine for his foolishness.” 

What He has decreed will come to pass, whether the servant is dissatisfied or satisfied. 

Woe to you! O you who protest against the Glorified Allaah, do not speak nonsense! No one can turn back or stop the Divine Decree. 

Submit and then you will find comfort. You cannot turn back the night and day. When the night comes, it sets in whether you agree or disagree, and the same is true of the day. Both come without you having a say in the matter.

 The same is true of the decree of Allaah Almighty and His destiny. They are either in your favor or against you. If the night of illness comes, submit and say good bye to the day of well‑being. If the night of poverty comes, submit and bid farewell to the day of affluence. If the night of what you hate comes, submit and say goodbye to the day of what you love. Receive with a patient heart the night of diseases, illnesses, poverty, and the loss of worldly goods. 

Do not reject anything of the decree of Almighty Allaah and His destiny, otherwise you will perish, your faith will vanish, your heart will become impure, and your innermost being will die.

Allaah Almighty has said :

 “I am Allaah. There is no god other than Me. When someone submits to My Decree, receives My affliction with patience, and offers thanks for My favors, I record him in My presence as a truthful person and I gather him on the Day of Resurrection in the company of the truthful. 

As for one who does not submit to My decree, does not endure with patience My afflictions, and does not give thanks for My favors,

"Let Him seek a Lord other than Me"

If you do not submit to the Divine Decree, do not endure with patience the affliction, and do not give thanks for the favors, you do not have a lord. Seek a lord other than Him, but there is no Lord other than Him. If you like, be satisfied with the divine decree and believe in destiny, whether good or bad, sweet or bitter, for what has come your way could not have been averted through precaution and what has passed you by could not have been made to come your way by exerting efforts and seeking it. 

When your faith has been confirmed, you will come to the door of Sainthood. At this stage, you will become one of the men of Allaah Kareem who have fulfilled their servitude to Him. 

The distinctive sign of the Saint is his compliance with his Lord [Mighty and Glorified is He] under all circumstances. He becomes total compliance without asking “Why” and “How,” while carrying out the commandments and observing the prohibitions. No doubt, then, his company [of Allah] will last. 

He becomes a front with no back, a state of nearness with no remoteness, purity with no impurity, and goodness with no evil.....

Excerpt Purification of the Mind

-Jillaa Al Khaatir-

Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani 

[Ramatul Laah Alaieh]

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