Islamic Art by S.Seema Z


S.Seema.Z an inspiring cultural artist from Pakistan settled in United States. Although  she has gone through conventional studies in Fine Art and have a degree from Indiana University she is a self-taught artist with a passionate focus on, calligraphy and arabesque Art. Watercolor is her favorite medium of expression. Her culturally diverse background has allowed her to explore artistic themes, ranging from realistic watercolor to calligraphy and abstract designs. She is a gifted artist, comfortable working in oil pastel watercolor, mixed media and various drawing media including digital art. Which is her current favorite medium in which she combines her watercolor and combines them with digital graphic design. Her predominantly mixed media works convey the experience of immigrant assimilation. 

Seema has exhibited her work at various art galleries and shows. Individuals and collectors throughout Asia and U.S have commissioned her work. She is currently a resident of Alexandria Virginia. She devotes her time to art and family. 

She is truly 

“A Poet in the Art of Painting”

S.Seema.Z in her own words…

Welcome to my Blog. My name is S Seema Z. I am a writer, artist,

designer, photographer, blogger, solopreneur, a contemplator, and full-time

dreamer. I am passionate about my religion; Also, I have always been

fascinated with Islamic Art and Design. I have diverse interest, hobbies, and pursuits I started this blog primarily to share my travel life muses, as a 'Desi' survivor in the the Midwest United States.

I hope to inspire and touch people’s hearts, to produce work

that held ‘Remembrances’ of the Creator of the Universe.

By sharing the ‘Beauty of Islam’ …

My Art Collections is all about cultural heritage, memories,

celebration, love, travel, spirituality, beauty and inspirations. Living

decades away from home might not provoke any sentiments for some, for they have buried their emotions of nostalgic ruminations into their deepest abyss of thoughts and have moved on with their lives. But for some emotional souls like me, who cherish pleasant memories, family, heritage, and cultural enrichment. Those yearnings and longing have been inspirational. I have created paintings depicting visual remembrances of rich cultural heritage.

No matter how far we wander, we are reminded time and again that many truths are universal. We all laugh, cry and love our childhood, parents our heritage dearly. I love to travel and experience cultures abroad, or to be a tourist in my hometown.

I feel blessed by the ability to express myself in an artistic way which is ultimately a gift from Almighty Allaah. I am deeply grateful for this gift of creativity.

Alhamdu Lil Laah.!

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