Cure is in My name-Hazrat Prophet Moses [Moosā عليه السلام]

       Cure is in My Name & Hazrat Prophet Moses [Moosā عليه السلام]

Hazrat Prophet Moses [Moosā عليه السلام] had an extremely severe stomach pain.

He humbly asked Allaah Almighty for relief and Allāah Kareem ordered him to consume so-and-so herb from a jungle.

Prophet Moosā عليه السلام consumed the herb and was immediately cured of the pain.

After some days, the same disease reoccurred so he consumed the same herb again. Contrary to his expectation, his pain became even more severe.

Prophet Moosa عليه السلام humbly asked the Almighty, "O Allāah' Kareem! What is the secret behind this? One medicine has two entirely different effects! When I consumed it first time, it cured me but when I consumed it second time, it intensified my pain!"

Allāah Almighty replied, "O'Moosā! You used the herb the first time with My command, but the second time you used it of your own accord.

O Moses [Moosā]! Know that, cure is in My name.
Without My name everything in the world is a deadly poison, and My name is its cure."

ولا حول ولا قوّۃ الا باللہ


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