To Mr. Emmanuel Macron President of France -We Condemn France for the Disrespect of Our Beloved Prophet [Peace be Upon Him]

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To Mr. Emmanuel Macron 
President of France 
We Condemn France for the Disrespect of Our Beloved Prophet [Peace be Upon Him]

We, as Muslims Abroad , would like to send a message to French President Emmanuel Macron regarding his recent statement about Islam. 
President Macron, your remark about how “Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world today” is absolutely absurd. First and foremost, Islam is a religion of peace; it teaches Muslims to be kind to one another and non-Muslims alike, in addition to being accepting of all religions. There isn’t a single Muslim in the world, who truly believes in Islam, that believes a non-Muslim deserves to suffer in any way shape or form. Those who do, only do so as their own personal choice that has nothing to do with religion they claim to follow. 
What you may also be unaware of, or reluctant to admit, is that Muslims are more often than not the victims of terrorism worldwide. Most people who have fallen victims to terrorist attacks around the world are actually Muslims themselves. According to Statista, the countries most impacted by terrorism in 2018 have been Muslim majority countries [1]. These include Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen. In fact, almost 92% of the world’s terrorist attacks between 2002 and 2018 occurred in the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, which include many Muslim majority countries. In comparison, 4% of terrorist attacks occurred in Europe and 0.4% in North America, according to Statista [2]. 
Following your speech Mr. Macron, you have shown great animosity towards Islam as a religion, and to Muslims themselves, instead of towards the individuals who carry out these barbaric acts, and who bare no religion. As a result, each and every Muslim, both in France and around the world, was really hurt by your insensitive comments and such words have no place in today’s world.  
President Macron, you are a supposed leader of democracy and diversity around the world. With your latest speech, you have completely contradicted everything that you claim to stand for. Rather than being vocal about the individuals causing harm and instability, you have spoken against Islam, and that in of itself is preposterous.  
We condemn your statement to the fullest extent, and we urge you to make a public apology to rectify your stance. 
Muslims Abroad for Democracy Worldwide


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