Purest Deed ....better than spending Gold and Silver! Do You Know?


Purest Deed ....Better than Spending Gold and

 Silver! Do You Know?

Hazrat Abu Darda the Honorable Companion [Sahabaa] narrated that the Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم said,

“Should I not tell you of such a thing which are the best and purest deeds in the court of your Lord, high in ranks (darajaat), better for you then spending gold and silver (in Allaah’s path), and better than slaying the neck of the enemy during war? 

The Sahabaa said,

God,Allah Hu,

 “Yes, Oh Rasool Allaah!.”

He said, “It is Zikr of Allaah.”


[Tirmizee Shareef]

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