Qasidah Ghausia of Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]


Qasidah Ghausia of Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani

[Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]


Qasida Ghausia


There are a lot of properties associated with this Blessed Qasidah Ghausia.

Among them, the person that recites this Qasida Ghausia eleven [11] times every day will be near and dear to Allaah Almighty. Secondly whoever recites this Qasidah Ghausia, his memory will be strengthened so much so that whatever he reads or hears he will remember. Thirdly, by reading this Qasidah Ghausia will be able learn the Arabic language easily.


 Fourthly, whoever recites this Qasidah Ghausia for forty days for a particular purpose he will be able to fulfill that. Fifthly, if a person keeps this Qasidah Ghausia in from of his eyes and reads it three times a day, and if he doesn't know how to read, he listens to it recitation and doesn't separate from this Blessed Qasidah Ghausia, and has a strong belief and love for what he is listening to or reciting, then he will see/dream about Hazrat Ghaus e Paak. By reciting this Blessed Qasidah Ghausia, a Nisbat [Spiritual connection] is formed with the sincere reciter and

Hazrat Shaiekh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani  [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]   

[Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]


Bismil Laahir Rahmaa Nir Raheem

In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate.


Al-Laahum-ma  ִSal-li ‘Alaa Saiy-yidinaa Wa Maulaanaa

Muִhammadin Ma‘dinil Joodi Wal Karami, Wa Mamba‘il ‘Ilmi Wal Hilmi Wal  ִHikami Wa ‘Alaa Aalihi Wa Aִs  ִhaabihi Wa Baarik Wa Sallim


Saqaanil Hub-bu Kaa   Saatil Wiִsaalee

Faqultu Likham Ratee Naִhvee Ta‘aalee

Love gave me the goblets of union to drink,

So, I said to my wine: "Come here toward me!"


Sa‘at Wa Mashat Linaִhvee Fee Ku’oosin

Fahimtu Bi Sukratee Baienal Mawaalee

It came running and walking toward me in tumblers,

so, I experienced ecstasy in my drunkenness among the Masters.


Faqultu Lisaa’iril Aqtaabi Lum-moo

Biִhaali Wad khuloo Antum Rijaalee

I said to all the Cardinal Poles: " Assemble

at my tavern, and enter, for you are my men!


Wa Hum-mu wash raboo Antum Junoodee

Fasaaqil Qaumi Bil waafee Malaalee

Experience ecstasy, and drink, you are my soldiers!'

So, the cupbearer of the [Lord's] people was quick to bring me sufficient supply.


Sharibtum Fuִd   latee Min Ba‘di Sukree

Walaa Niltum ‘Uluw-wee Wat-Tiִs   Aalee

You drank what I had left over after I got drunk,

but you did not reach my exaltation and my state of connection.


Muqaa Mukumul ‘Ulaaa Jam‘Ańw-Wa Laakin

Maqaamee Fau Qakum Maa Zaala ‘Aalee

High is your station, each and all, and yet

my station is above you, higher still.


Anaa fee ִHaִdra tit-Taqreebi Waִhdee

Yuִsar-Rifunee Wa ִHasbee ִZul Jalaalee 

In the presence of nearness I am on my own;

the Lord of Majesty disposes of me, and He is enough for me!


Anal Baaziy-yu Ash habu Kul-li Shaiekhin

Faman ִZaa Fir-Rijaalu‘ִtee Miֵsaalee

I am the grey falcon of every Shaiekh.

and who among men has received the same as I!


Kasaanee Khil ‘atan Biִtiraazi ‘Azmin

Wataw-waja nee Bitee jaa nil Kamaa lee

He clad me in a robe in honor's style,

and crowned me with perfection's crowns.


Wa Aִt la‘anee ‘Alaa Sir-rin Qadee min

Waqal-ladanee Wa A‘ִtaanee Su’aalee

He made me aware of an ancient secret,

invested me with rank and gave me all I asked.


Wa Wal-Laanee ‘Alal Aqִt aabi Jam‘an

Fahukmee Naafi  ִZun Fee Kul-li ִHaalee 

He has appointed me over all the Cardinal Poles,

So, my decision is effective in every case.


Walau Alqaietu Sir-ree Fee Biִhaarin

Laִs aaral Kul-lu Ghauran Fiz-Zawaalee

Were I to cast my innermost being into the oceans

they would all become a depression in the void.


Walau Alqaietu Sir-ree Fee Jibaalin

Laduk-kat Wakh tafat Baienar-Rimaalee

Were I to cast my innermost being upon the mountains,

they would be leveled low and disappear among the sands.


Walau Alqaietu Sir-Ree Fauqa Maietin

Laqaama Biqud Ratil Maulaa Ta‘Aalee

Were I to cast my innermost being upon a corpse,

it would rise up through the power of the Lord and walk for me.

Walau Alqaietu Sir-ree Fauqa Naarin

Lakhami dat Wanִt  afat Min Sir-riִ  Haalee

Were I to cast my innermost being upon a fire,

it would die out and be extinguished by the secret of my state.


Wamaa Min haa Shuhoo run Au du hoorun

Tamur-ru Wa tan qaִdee Il-laa Ataalee

Neither months nor long ages of time

pass and go by without my getting news.


Wa Tukh Birunee Bimaa Yaa’tee Wa Yajree

Watu‘ Limu Nee Fa’aqִsIr An Jidaalee

They inform me of what is to come and to happen, and let me know

when to cease from debate.


Mureedee Him Waִtibb Washִtaִh  Wa Ghan-ni

Wa If ‘al Maa Tashaa’ Fal ismu ‘Aalee

My disciple, experience ecstasy, have fun, relax, sing,

do what you will, for the name is a high one.

Mureedee Laa Takhaf Al-Laahu Rab-bee

Aִtaanee Rif ‘atan Niltul Munaa lee

My disciple do not fear! Allaah, my Lord,

has given me eminence; I have attained the heights.


ִTuboolee Fis-Samaa’i Wal Arִd   i Duq-qat

Wa Shaa’oo Sus-Sa‘aa dati Qad Badaa lee

Drums sounded in heaven and on the earth,

and the sergeant of bliss appeared to me.


Balaadul-Laahi Mulkee Taִh ta ִHukmee

Wa Waqtee Qabla Qalbee Qad ִSafaalee

The lands of Allaah are my kingdom under my rule, and my time

before my transformation has been happy for me.


Naֵzartu Ilaa Bilaadil-Laahi Jam ‘an

Ka khar Dalatin ‘Alaa ִHukmit-Tiִs aalee

I looked upon all the cities of Allaah together

as a mere mustard, seed compared to my connection [with Him].


Darastul ‘Ilma ִHat-taa ִSirtu Quִt  ban

Waniltus-Sa‘da Mim-maulal Mawaalee

I studied knowledge till I became a Cardinal Pole,

and gained felicity from the Lord of lords.


Faman Fee Auliyaa ’il-Laahi Miֵslee

Wa Man Fil ‘Ilmi Wat-Taִs reefi ִHaalee

Who is like me among the Auliya' of Allaah

My disciple, do not fear a traitor,

and like me in knowledge and action.


Rijaalee Fee Hawaa jiri him ִS iyaa mun

Wa Fee ֵZulamil-Layaalee Kal-la ’Aalee

My men are fasting in the midday heat,

like pearls in the darkness of the night.


Wa Kul-lu Walee Lahu Qadamuńw-Wa In-nee

‘Alaa Qadamin-Nabee Badril Kamaalee

Every saint has a precedent, and I

am in the footstep of the Prophet, the full moon of perfection.

Mureedee Laa Takhaf Waa shin Fa in-nee

‘Azoomun Qaatilun ‘Indal Qitaalee

My disciple, do not fear a traitor,

for I am a resolute slayer in the fray.


Anal Jeeliy-yu Muִh yid-deen Ismee

Wa A‘laamee ‘Alaa Ra’sil Jibaalee

I am al-Jili Muhyi'd-din is my name,

and my banners are on the mountain peaks.


Anal ִH asaniy-yu Wal Mukhda‘ Muqaamee

Wa Aqdaamee ‘Alaa ‘Unuqir-Rijaalee

I am al-Hasani and the inner chamber is my station,

and my feet are on the necks of men.


Wa ‘Abdul Qaadiril Mash hooru Ismee

Wa Jad-dee ִS aahibul ‘Aienil Kamaalee

Well am I known by the name of ‘ Abd al-Qaadir,

and my forefather is the very master of perfection.


Al-Laahum-ma ִSal-li ‘Alaa Saiy-yidinaa Wa Maulaanaa

Muִh ammadin Ma‘dinil Joodi Wal Karami. Wa Mamba‘il ‘Ilmi Wal ִ

Hilmi Wal ִH ikami Wa ‘Alaa Aalihi Wa

Aִs  ִhaa bihi Wa Baarik Wa Sal-lim

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