The Beloved Grandson...Qualities & Virtues-Honoring and Remembering Hazrat Imaam Hasan-15th Ramadan -Date of Birth

 The Beloved Grandson...Qualities & Virtues

Hazrat Imaam Hasan [Radial Laah Anhu] was a man of many qualities; he was a leader of men, forbearing and patient, a man of dignity and sobriety, staid and demure; and very generous. He disliked war and fighting. Hazrat Imaam Hasan [Radial Laah Anhu] was extremely generous and gave away all his funds in the way of Allaah Almighty.  

No one went away from his door empty handed. He sat down with the poorest of poor when they invited him to share food with them. He was always hospitable and provided food for the poor people. He would give away a hundred thousand

[as a present or charity] without giving it a thought.


Someone once came to the court of Hazrat Imaam Hasan [Radial Laah Anhu] and submitted his request in writing. Without reading the request, he said, ‘Your need will be fulfilled.’ Someone respectfully said, 

‘O Grandson of the Prophet! Was it not better to read the request before replying?’

 He said: He would have to stand in front of me in humiliation for as long as I would read the request. If Allaah Almighty had asked me, 

‘Why did you humiliate the needy person by making him stand in front of you for a while?’, 

So what reply would I have given? 

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