Sultan Saladin Ayyubi and desire for Hajj....

   Sultan Saladin/ Salaah ud deen Aiyyubi and desire for Hajj....  

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We see Rulers Government Officials of today frequenting the visit to Holy Makkah/Kabah/Madinah…with all the pomp and glamour…. with fake media following them ….!


Sultan Salaah ud deen Aiyyubi was so engaged against government affairs and crusaders that he could never see the Kabah.

He would spend the majority of his savings on Sadqa [optional philanthropy], despite his constant yearning to perform Hajj, he was not able to due to the fact that he was always involved in Jihaad war and trials and needed more cash to perform it.

Because Muslim Rulers knew that the defense of the collective affairs of Muslims comes before their individual worships.

That is why the standard of judging the ruler is not how much he reads extra voluntary prayers [Tahajjud] or how many times the doors of Kabaah have been opened for him, or the red-carpet treatment he has been given…

Rather, the standard is that when the Ruler has got power, Is the religion of Allaah Almighty … prevailing?

Does the oppressed get protection or not?

Now if any ruler

Spoil people's affairs!

Take interest loans!

Kill the poor with taxes!

Do not protect Muslims from the attacks of infidels!

Leave the Kashmiris at the mercy of India.

Seeing the Jewish occupation of Masjid Aqsa and the cruelty and barbarism on innocent Muslims, turn your eyes away.

And perform Hajj on Hajj and Umrah on Umrah.

He did not earn a reward...

And he is not a good Ruler.

Unfortunately, this is the condition of the rulers of the Arabs and other Muslim countries today!!!

Have you made the pilgrims to give water to the pilgrims and to do the Mosque of Haram equal to the work of one who believes in Allaah and the Last Day and who fights in the way of Allaah?

These two are not equal in the sight of Allaah, and Allaah does not guide the wrongdoers.

Quraan Al Hakeem

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