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 Q 2: How many conditions are there for Jum'ah prayer?

Answer: There are six conditions for Jum'ah prayer. If even one of the conditions is not met, Jum'ah prayer will not be accomplished.

1. Jum'ah prayer must be held either in city, town or a big village which has streets and markets. It should be either district or sub-division having a representative of the government to do justice to the oppressed and punish the oppressor. Similarly, Jum'ah prayer can be offered in the adjoining areas of the city where graveyard, cantonment, courts and bus and railway stations are situated. 

2. The ruler of Muslim country or his vicegerent should establish Jum'ah prayer himself and also decree to establish it and in non-Muslim state the chief "Faqeeh" (Muslim jurist) who must be a Sunni Muslim with correct beliefs, should establish Jum'ah as he acts for a Muslim ruler in non-Muslim state to enforce "Shar'ee" commands or Muslims may elect any believer as Imaam to establish Jum'ah. It is made clear here that in the presence of an "Aalim" (religious scholar) people can not authorize somebody to lead prayer themselves nor a few persons can select someone for the purpose.

3. Jum'ah prayer ought to be completed within the stipulated time of Zuhr prayer i.e. it should not be started so late that the time of Asr prayer comes in during the course of Jum'ah prayer or even after recitation of "Tashah-hud". In this condition, the Jum'ah prayer will become null and void.

 Qazaa of Zuhr prayer will have to be offered in lieu thereof.

4. Sermon of Jum'ah must be delivered within the time and prior to Jum'ah prayer and before such gathering that is essential for Jum'ah. It should, if there is no hindrance or problem, be delivered so loudly as to be heard by at least those sitting in the front rows. Much gap between sermon and prayer will render the sermon ineffective.

5. Jama'at: there must be at least three men besides the Imaam.

6. General permission: main gate of mosque be opened for all believers without any exception.

Adapted from 'The Glorious Islam'

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