Shamail of the Holy Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon Him]-The Blessed Sacred Face


Shamail of the Holy Prophet Muhammad

 [Peace be upon Him]-

The Blessed Sacred Face

Simply Shama'il, is a collection of SAYINGS compiled regarding the intricate details of the Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad’s Life including His Noble Appearance, His Belongings, his Manners, and much more…

His Blessed Physic [Sacred Face] His physical description and character have been reported by many of his Companions and said he was the most handsome man ever created surpassing Prophet Yousuf [Alaiehis Salaam] for whom the women of the city cut their hands.

Hazrat Abu Huraira [Radial Laah Anhu] said,

ما رأيت شيئا أحسن من رسول الله ، كأن الشمس تجري في وجهه ، وإذا ضحك يتلألأ في الجدر

"I have never seen anyone more handsome than the Prophet of Allaah Almighty, it was as though the sun was shining upon his face and when he laughed it reflected from the wall."

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